Warm Springs Ranch Visit

Friday, July 21, 2017

Residents and staff took a trip to Warm Springs Clydesdale Ranch in June.  We enjoyed a tour through the facility and learned quite a bit about horses.  Everyone got to see the shower stalls and how they care for the horses as well as the newest addition to the Clydesdale family, a two week old colt named Otto!

After the tour, our residents and staff took time to take some photos with Stan, one of the famous team horses.  Then, we loaded up and went back home, making a pit stop at Proctor Park for a picnic lunch. 

Everyone had a great time and were so glad to be able to visit the ranch.  This is an event we try to do each summer and hopefully, we will be able to continue it for many years to come!

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Home Happenings - July 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ladies Tea Trip

Five ladies and three of their daughters took a trip uptown to Doreen's Bed and Breakfast and Tea Room.  We enjoyed a menu of scones, brownie bars, lemon bars, tea cookies, mini cherry cobblers and raspberry sherbet.  We also enjoyed the many flavors of tea that were offered.  We had such a nice visit and we all plan to go back to visit again!

Fourth of July

We had a 4th of July party with a Bingo game, chips and soda.  Kenda, Debra Dunham's daughter also made us a delicious cake for the party.  Then, we went out to the parking lot to watch the fireworks from Proctor Park.


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